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05 March 2016 @ 11:37 pm
Hello!! I always wanted to write a self-introductory post so here we go~


About me:

-My name is Natalia but I'm known as Kasura on the internet

-I'm from Spain and I was born in 1993

-I'm a super shy person, in fact, I have social anxiety disorder :( I'm a really crazy girl if I get close to you though lololol

-My biggest passion concerns everything about Japan and Korea!!

-Because of my great love towards these countries, I'm currently studying East Asian Studies ♥ However I studied English Studies before that degree (I didn't like it at all...)

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Hello! I really love Korean old music so this time I compiled my favorites 80's and 90's songs from the Korean drama 응답하라 1988, which I highly recommend you. You can download the folder by clicking on the link below, but first of all, note that:

The folder contains 29 tracks
All of the songs from the series are NOT included, just my favorites
You can check the complete song listing here
You can download the original soundtrack here
Do NOT share the link elsewhere without my permission


I hope you enjoy!!
Hi~ Since I think it's rather difficult to find johnnys material on the internet lately, I decided to upload the complete discography of Hey! Say! JUMP and Kisumai... hope you like it!

Hey! Say! JUMP

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Hi!! Long time no see!! Today I watched a really really really beautiful (but sad) movie: Pure Love. I could say many things about this movie but I don't want to spoil anything so I'll just say that everyone should watch it lol... Kyungsoo is an amazing actor and he made my heart melt so much

Well, the thing is that I had a really hard time searching the songs from the movie so I decided to gather them and to upload them here in case someone wants to download it *^__^*


1. a-ha - Take on me
2. Infinite Orbit - A summer history
3. Kang Suji - Violet fragance
4. Kim Min Woo - Only love
5. Kansas - Dust in the wind
6. Karla Bonoff - The water is wide

Enjoy these amazing songs!! 
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13 January 2016 @ 02:24 pm
Wow, I didn't think that I'd be posting here so quickly since the last time but this announcement really took me by surprise o__o I ever thought that this would happen but according to Japanese newspapers Nikkan Sport and Sports Nippon, 4 of the 5 members of SMAP have left Johnny & Associates, which means the the disbandment of the group..................... OK, WHAT???????? I mean, why are they disbanding??? I'll say it, I'm not a big fan of SMAP except for Kimutaku, you know, but as johnnys, they really concern me. So this is weird.

To be honest I wasn't aware of this but It looks like there was a kind of rivaly in the company from some time now. I mean, I knew there was a debate about the sucession of Johnny-san but I have no idea about that Ijima or Julie. As far as I rembember, there was just Mary Kitagawa lol (???) As I've read, there is a division in the company: Julie (Johnny's niece) and Ijima (SMAP's manager). It seems that both women don't get along well and recently Ijima left the company. So since she has been SMAP's manager from almost the beginning, they decided to follow her (???), except for Takuya, who owes his loyalty to JE. At this point, what I concern the most is the future of Kimutaku and the fact that Kisumai and Sexy Zone are under Ijima's control....... so I don't know what will happen to them ú_ù

Here I post a picture from twitter, where by the way, the hashtag #SMAP解散 (Smap's disband) was worldwide trending topic o___o Actually, it's a big issue for Japan industry of entertainment so I don't know why I get surprised... Another thing that surprised me is that other johnnys didn't know anything at all. I find this cut in twitter where Kokubun from Tokio looked like he was about to cry :0

In short, everthing is uncertainty. I don't know what will happen next so we'll have to wait for news about it.... just hope that Johnny's Entertainment continues its path and Kisumai and other johnnys remain successful in the future.
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22 December 2015 @ 05:55 pm
Hello!!!!!!!! it's been a long time!!!! (that's what I always say...). I thought that my livejournal was totally abandoned but hey... here I am again because of my excessive free time lololol what are going to say about my life?? 2015 has been a long year, a lot of things changed, even my English, which looks better than ever!! (actually it sucks as usual but I think I've improved in some way... that's why I'm writting in English right now XD). Whatever... I didn't know exactly what to write in this post but I will just say a couple of things (?)

I think the most important random fact of the year is my ~sudden and obsessive~ vice with EXO lololol To tell the truth, I was feeling a great fangirl inner emptiness... I thought I'd never be able to follow a group with such a obsession (fangirling all the time, buying every album or merchandaising, watching their tv shows everyday...), but then EXO came to my life thanks to my friend Jess lol I was into K-pop before, but not at such extent... the point is that I've become completely crazy about this fucking group lolololol But don't worry Johnny's, Taipi, you're still my number one

my precious babies

On the other hand, there is another important thing to say: I started another degree: East Asia Studies .................. yes, kill me. I didn't even finished English degree but I don't care... I hate it.... I'm still trying to pass some stubborn subjects so... ù__u I love this new degree and I hope to continue it!!! (My money is running out though... *sigh*)

By the way, I was thinking in doing a kind of top dramas watched this year but I'm too lazy to do it fuck my life. The quickest option is to recommend some of them directly so here we go XD. I recommend you... (Left: Japanese dramas / Right: Korean dramas)***

1. Karei Naru Ichizoku                                         1. Ho Gu's love
2. Gomen ne Seishun!                                        2. It's okay it's love
3. Massan                                                           3. You who came from the stars
4. From 5 to 9
5. Tenno no ryouriban        ***These dramas are not necessarily from 2015 but I watched them this year

You have the list there... if you read my post, watch them please lol If not... bye (???) Ok, I have nothing more to say... I was boring of doing nothing but now I'm tired of writing in English lololololol sooooo I'm leaving now. I don't know if I'll come back again to write some stupid random thing but wait for me my invisible and nonexistent readers!! Just one thing, have fun these holidays!!! BYE!!


ma christmas puresento, a fuckin flower for u

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13 April 2015 @ 12:55 am
¡¡HOLAAAAAAA!! Después de miles de años aquí vuelvo again, como siempre 8) Y esta vez es para postear algunas capturas qué sorpresa XDD del último drama que he visto: Ho Goo's Love o Fool's love~ Para mí, la historia perfecta, además de que no cae en los tópicos que suelen tener todos los demás dramas coreanos, me parece muy original y divertida Y los personajes... que voy a decir de los personajes... todos muy especiales a su manera XDD Total que aquí dejo las capturas, en su mayoría escenas random o yaoi lol Me gustaría haber hecho más, pero la mitad de la serie me la vi online ): ¡¡Dentro capturas!!

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